How to Prepare for Your House Remodeling Project on Long Island, NY 

House Remodeling Long Island NYYou’ve hired the house remodeling company, determined exactly what changes you want to make to your Long Island, New York, home, and are ready for the work to begin. Or are you? Here are a few tips to help control the chaos when the contractors arrive.

  1. Try to keep the mess localized – Talk to your house remodeling team ahead of time about confining the mess to one area of your home. If they’re remodeling the kitchen, have them use only the garage or kitchen doors for entry and exit. Whatever room is being renovated, find the most direct door to the area, lay down carpet squares or plastic on the floor, and have the contractors place plastic sheeting over doorways to minimize transfer of dust.
  2. Set up a work schedule – Before work begins on your Long Island home, have a frank discussion about the times when it is not desirable for your house remodeling crew to work. Does someone in your house work nights? Do you have children who require naps? Remember, no matter how conscientious your contractors, construction work is noisy, and you may have to make some adjustments. Talk to your contractor about coming up with a schedule that works for everyone.
  3. Post-construction cleanup – Find out how much cleanup your house remodeling crew will provide. Most offer debris-removal services and basic cleanup. However, if you have a large remodeling project that involves significant demolition, you may wish to contact a company that specializes in thorough cleaning after a major remodel.

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