House Raising Services for Homeowners in Nassau County, NY

House Raising Nassau County NYFollowing Hurricane Sandy, house raising has become a popular option for homeowners in Nassau County, New York, especially following the release funds through FEMA and the NY Rising Housing Recovery Program for home repairs in the area. This is because lifting a home is often the most cost-effective way to not only repair structural damage to a residence, but also prevent similar damages from occurring again during future storms. For many residents, however, the need for house lifting presents a significant hurdle in the way of them getting their lives back to normal, because they must find a company they can trust to facilitate the sometimes complex process.

When you turn to Kuhn Construction for house raising services in Nassau County, NY, you can rest assured that we’ll make the process as simple and stress-free as possible. Having served as the region’s premier home remodeling company since 1986, we have developed the skills and experience necessary to provide you with seamless house lifting and repair services. We’ll take care of your entire project from start to finish, providing you with:

  • A detailed explanation of the project as well as a dedicated account manager who will keep you updated as the remodeling process progresses
  • FEMA-approved project plans drawn out by our experienced architects
  • Preparation services, including the removal of electrical lines, decks, entryways, plumbing, and more
  • House raising services completed by a team of experienced experts
  • A new foundation for your home
  • Post-lifting services, including the reconnection of everything that was removed
  • Comprehensive remodeling services, such as roofing, masonry work, drywall replacement, and much more

To learn more about the comprehensive house raising services that we offer in Nassau Country, NY, contact Kuhn Construction today.