What to Expect During a Home Remodel on Long Island, NY 

Home Remodel LongIsland NYIf you’ve never experienced a home remodel, you may be a little uneasy about what to expect when the contractors arrive at your Long Island, New York, home. Sure, you know you’ll enjoy your home once all the work is finished and the construction crew has cleared out, but what will it be like while the team is turning your vision into reality? Here are a few things you can expect to experience during a home remodel, so you can be prepared when your crew arrives.

  1. Noise – Make no mistake, it will be noisy. Whether your home remodel project is focused on a small bathroom or you’re renovating an entire floor, you will listen to the sound of power saws, nail guns, compressors, and sanders for the duration. If you or a family member, such as a child who needs a nap, requires quiet time, you might consider making arrangements elsewhere while your crew is working.
  2. Dust – Forget about having a clean house for a while. No matter where your home remodel project is taking place, chances are you will get at least a little dust in other parts of your home. To help minimize this consequence, ask your contractor to close off the area with plastic or run an air filtering system to pull dust from the air.
  3. The unexpected – No matter how cut and dried your project may seem, be prepared for the unexpected. There are some things a contractor can’t see until walls come down or floors are ripped out, so be prepared for some surprises.

Just remember, it’s important to choose a remodeling contractor you can be sure will listen to your concerns, address any issues, and tackle any problems that arise in the course of your home renovation project with efficiency and candor. For homeowners on Long Island, NY, that home remodel contractor is Kuhn Construction. Contact us today for more information on what makes us stand above all others.